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Is it some kind of a machine?
- What?
- What you’re building.
- You’ll see.
- Come on is it a machine?
- It’s a machine it’s a machine....didn’t she tell you they make you act funny?
- What?
- Drugs marijuana stuff like that! Didn’t she tell you they make you act funny?
- Sure she did.
- What did she tell you?
- She said…

This guy’s a pretty good ball player.
He can catch, he can throw, he can hit, he can run.
He can even do something silly just because it makes him feel funny.
Lots of things make you feel funny ...drugs are like that.

Habits are very easy to get started and very hard to stop
Habits can cost you a lot of money, drugs are like that too.

- Do you know you can smoke ’em?
- Sure like a cigarette!
- And you can take them like a pill too and you can sniff
- You can what?
- Sniff ‘em, smell them like a flower!
- Come on!
- It’s true...drugs are like that!

- What if you had to?
- Why would I have to?
- Because.
- Because what?
- Well I mean… drugs are like that!

Getting older is a lot like walking down a street you never walked down before.
You never know what’s round at the next corner.
Some of the things might be great.
Some of the things might be terrible.
Some of the things might look terrible and turn out to be great.
Some of the things might look great and turn out to be terrible.
Drugs are like that!


from AF127, released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


MICROFILM Poitiers, France

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